Monday, August 30, 2010

Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help with Recovery

Former host of the Biggest Loser, Ajay Rochester was a passenger in a car crash six months, which caused her to gain weight while in recovery.  Rochester has had a several problems over the past months since leaving the Biggest Loser, beginning with serious financial problems that left her completely broke, and now having gained significant weight because of an unfortunate accident.

Ajay Rochester has been traveling around Los Angeles promoting her new book, The Five Minute Diet, and has taken the time to talk about her obvious appears change.  “It was a bit of a rough journey [after the auto accident in Los Angeles] because having had the skin cut off and gone ‘yay look at me’, and then to be prone for the first time in years, and on steroids, I put on quite a bit of weight,” Rochester said.  “My neck and back were the worst. I had protruding discs. I had back surgery seven weeks ago.”  The added weight was particularly frustrating for Rochester because she had just had body sculpting surgery the year before.

Despite it all, the former Biggest Loser host says that she’s never been happier.  “I don’t have any money but I’m happy,” she says. “I have a few friends who lost everything in the stock market crash [in the US] recently and they talk about losing everything – but it didn’t affect me because I never had anything…  I didn’t have money when I went to bed that night and I didn’t have any when I woke up the next day. But I don’t need money to be happy.”

In addition to keeping her spirits up regardless of what little money she has, Rochester is beaming because of recently fulling one of her personal dreams of being on Oprah Winfrey’s show.  She also has rebuilt her relationship with her former manager, working with Max Markson again after their falling out in June.  Now, she is traveling and promoting her book, rapidly losing the added weight, and hoping to get her own lifestyle show off the ground.

With all her recent troubles and tribulations, Ajay Rochester is encouraging for anyone going through a rough time in their life.  If someone has similar financial trouble when injured in a car crash, it is a wise idea to seek a skilled Los Angeles auto accident lawyer to help receive compensation to pay for medical bills.  Rochester was fortunate to rebound from her situation so successfully, despite putting on a few pounds.  To lose the weight, she must now exercise and diet in a similar manner to the contestants she used to face everyday when she hosted the Biggest Loser.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Los Angeles car accident lawyers helps determine fault

For nearly all car accident cases in Los Angeles or any where else, the primary factor is determining who is at fault for causing the accident. Usually, the fault is placed on the individual that violated any traffic laws.
There are several main ways in which certain traffic violations result in accidents. The responsible individual was most likely either speeding, driving recklessly, or made an illegal turn.

The largest incident that is also the easiest to find fault with, is a rear-end collision accident. When a driver’s vehicle is hit from behind by another vehicle, this is called a rear-end collision. This kind of accident typically happens because the driver of the rear vehicle was not paying enough attention to the road, and did not notice that the car in front of them was rapidly slowing down or had come to stop. The assumption, however, is commonly that both drivers were paying full attention to the road, but fault still falls upon the rear driver because he would have had the last chance to avoid a collision.

Determining liability for a car accident can also vary between local and state laws, as they might be different. Sometimes which vehicle has the right-of-way and the meanings of road signs and markings will vary.

Fault is often the most important issue that a Los Angeles car accident lawyer will consider in case, as it is usually a deciding factor for the verdict. To ensure that you get proper compensation if injured, and that fault gets placed where it belongs, consult a car accident attorney in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Auto Accident due to Aftermarket Vehicles

Aftermarket vehicle modifications are changes made to an automobile after its sale, for aesthetic or personal reasons. Aftermarket changes often involve:
  • High performance tires: Made to increase grip on the road, high performance tires can deform on a sharp turn, contributing to the likelihood of a rollover accident because of contact between a tire rim and the pavement. Inappropriate marketing or installation of tires on a sports utility vehicle (SUV) can contribute to rollover accidents giving rise to liability on the part of a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer.
  • Spoilers: Used to increase downward force on a vehicle, spoilers can contribute to devastating rollover accidents. By altering handling and performance, aftermarket spoilers can be dangerous to drivers or their passengers unaware of their affect on a car traveling at high speeds.
  • Vehicle alterations: Raising or lowering the suspension of a vehicle can have a significant affect on the likelihood of a vehicle rollover in an emergency situation.
  • Vehicle additions: The addition of window tinting, extra-powerful headlights, tinted headlights, or fog lights can be dangerous additions to vehicles, both as hazards for the driver and oncoming traffic in inclement or nighttime driving conditions. These kinds of additions can be found at the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association.
Aftermarket vehicles in California
While aftermarket alterations to a vehicle are commonly done by end-users, oftentimes alterations are made to the body—and thus the performance—of a vehicle after it has been manufactured but prior to its delivery by the end-use purchaser.

Types of aftermarket vehicles include:
  • Recreational Vehicles (RV's)
  • Limousines
  • Handicap Accessible Vehicles
  • Conversion Vans
  • Buses
  • Ambulances
  • Taxicabs
  • Camper Trailers
  • Horse Trailers
  • Flatbed Trailers
  • Car Haulers
While automobile manufacturers are subject to regulation, safety testing, and inspection, aftermarket alterations are largely unregulated. Knowledgeable Los Angeles automobile accident attorneys can help you if you fall victim to injuries resulting from a Los Angeles auto accident. Conversion of a vehicle to suit an aftermarket purpose, such as a special use bus or ambulance, may have a dramatic effect on vehicle performance, including contribution to devastating injuries to drivers, passengers, or bystanders.