Monday, October 4, 2010

Guilty Verdict for Man Responsible for the Los Angeles Auto Accident that Killed Angel's Pitcher

Last April, Nick Adenhart had his second start as a major league baseball player, and was killed shortly after in a car accident by drunk driver, Andrew Gallo, who was found guilty of second-degree murder last week.
Adenhart had three starts as a pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels in 2008, but spent the rest of the season in the minors.  In 2009, he made it into the major league team's rotation.  Three of Adenhart's good friends came his first game of the season to cheer for their friend as his dream to play professional baseball was beginning to come true.

After a successful six innings, Nick Adenhart had a celebratory dinner with his agent, Scott Boras.  In Amy K. Nelson's heartfelt piece for ESPN about that tragic night, she describes how "Nick has just pitched six scoreless innings, and Boras tells his client that tonight he was a big leaguer. Boras thinks Nick seems at peace with himself, happy with the way he pitched."

After the game, Nick met up with his three friends, Henry Pearson, Courtney Stewart and Jon Wilhite at Courtney's apartment.  Shortly after midnight, they all pile into Courtney's car and head out for a local bar, In Cahoots.  Courtney was driving, Nick was in the passenger seat, Jon was behind Courtney, and Henry was behind Nick.  As they approached a green light and rolled through the intersection less than a block away from their destination, Andrew Gallo flew into the intersection at an estimated 90 miles per hour without tapping his breaks once, and smashed into the passenger side of Courtney's Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Courtney and Henry were killed instantly.  Jon Wilhite was left in critical condition, but survived.  Nick Adenhart died shortly after.  Gallo suffered only minor injuries, and fled on foot.  He was quickly found and apprehended.  His blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit.

Serious auto accidents are too common in Los Angeles, and drunk driving, as a major cause of many accidents, is happens way too often.  It is a highly recommended that if you are involved in an auto accident in Los Angeles, you seek a reliable attorney for potential legal representation.  Find a Los Angeles auto accident lawyer that coordinates with a network of skilled medical specialists to support the rehabilitative and long-term adaptive needs of clients.

The rest of Nick Adenhart's life was just beginning that night, when unnecessary carelessness ended it far too soon.   Three other innocent youths, supporting the hard-earned success of a friend, were taken as well.  This is a loud and clear reminder of the dangers of drunk driving, and how it should not be tolerated to any degree.  For one family, there is hopefully some relief in the guilty verdict found for Andrew Gallo last week.


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